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Camping on the Battenkill

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Info & Policies

  • We would like all of our guests to have a good time.
    Please observe the following Rules & Regulations.
    Check-In Time is 2:00 PM / Check-Out Time is 12:00 PM.

  • General Courtesy

    • No excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.
    • Please do not damage the trees or shrubbery.
    • Quiet hours are from 10:00PM to 8:00AM. Please respect your neighbors and the peace of the outdoors at all times.
    • We do our best to keep our Showers/Restrooms clean. Please let us know immediately if you see something that should be cleaned or repaired.
    • Please place your trash into the dumpster that is centrally located (see your Site Map).
    • Do not leave any trash outside, as we do occasionally have visits from critters looking for a snack.
  • Campsites & Registration

    All campers must register prior to setting up camp. Please let staff know if you are leaving early. Because your site has been removed from our vacancies for the duration of your reservation, we do not offer refunds for early departure. Sorry, we do not give refunds for illness, work schedule changes, job loss, inclement weather, acts of nature, or any events beyond the Campground's control.

    Registered campers that arrive after regular office hours will find a Site Map inside the box located next to the front door of the office. You will need to check-in at the office no later than 10:00 AM the following morning.

    The staff cleans each site prior to check in. Please keep your site clean. Dispose of trash and recycling at the designated location on your map. You are permitted up to 6 to 8 people per site, depending on the site. The head of each camping party must be 21 years of age and accepts responsibility for the actions of the entire group. As per our Property Insurance, only 2 camping units per site is allowed at any time: 2 Tents -or- 1 RV + 1 Tent only, NO EXCEPTIONS.

    There is a limit of 2 vehicles on a site (except 8 and 14, only 1 vehicle). Family site rate is for 2 adults and up to 3 children under the age of 18. Tents or RVs are to be set up on the graveled portion of the site only, any unit not set up on the designated site will be asked to move to the gravel. Cars are only allowed on the gravel part of the site and not in roadways. Extra parking is available at the office or storage area. No generators or electric heaters.

  • Cabin

    Located on Site 30, the cabin is a one-room smoke free unit that sleeps four people comfortably. Amenities include 2 bunk beds, a small table, 3-2 shelf storage spaces, and overhead light. Outside is a picnic table and fireplace.

    Cabin Rules & Policies

    • 1 pet allowed, proof of rabies needed at time of registration, the pet must not be left alone in the cabin.
    • The max number of people allowed on the site is 6.
    • Cabin holds 4, a tent is allowed for 2 extra people.
    • 2 vehicles on site maximum.
    • All other Rules & Regulations apply.
  • Visitors

    All visitors must check in at the office and display a car pass while on park property. There is no fee for visitors staying an hour or less (car pass will be time stamped). There is a fee of $2.50 per adult and $1.50 per child or $4.50 per adult and $2.50 per child if spending the night. An additional tent for sleeping may be set up on RV sites as long as the extra adult/child has been registered in the office and the visitor fee has been paid. As per our Property Insurance, only 2 camping units per site is allowed at any time: 2 Tents -or- 1 RV + 1 Tent only, NO EXCEPTIONS. Please advise office staff if you are expecting visitors. It is your responsibility to advise them to leave their pets at home. Visitors will be required to park at the office if 2 cars are already on the site.

  • Pets in the Campground

    Camping on the Battenkill welcomes dogs (we allow up to 3 per site) and we know that you and your dog are looking forward to having a great time camping. That is why we ask that you follow these simple rules while camping with us.

    Dogs must be on a leash at all times in the campground. The leash must be attached to you or your RV. Loose dogs are more likely to bite a child or another dog. The dog exercise pen is the only place where your dog can run free. Rules for dog pen are posted by the entrance.

    Dogi Pot stations for picking up your pet’s waste are found at:

    • The bathrooms in the field
    • Near the swimming area
    • At the trash area
    • At the dog run

    As a dog-owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that you or those attending to your dog pick up and dispose of dog waste. We ask that if your children are walking your dog(s) unsupervised, that they fully understand the importance of cleaning up after the dog. Waste must be picked up (using a bag and thrown in dumpster) anywhere the dog is walked, including anywhere in the woods, along the water, etc. The privilege to walk the dog unsupervised will be taken away if any child is caught leaving a “mess” behind. We appreciate your support in this.

    For health reasons, dogs are not allowed in the following areas:
    • The playground area
    • The beach at the swimming area

    If you want to swim, go downstream away from the beach. Just remember that the dog must be on a leash when swimming.

    Dogs are never to be left alone on your site. A barking dog does not make for happy camping for you or other campers. It is upsetting to the dog to be left in unfamiliar surroundings. If your dog is creating a disturbance it will be asked to leave. Please consider your dog’s disposition before bringing it camping. Per insurance regulations,

    Visitors are asked to leave their dogs at home when visiting the campground.

  • Speed Limit

    Campground roads are narrow and busy. Be alert and yield to bicycles, pedestrians and children. Little children and speeding vehicles do not mix. PLEASE DRIVE SLOW - SPEED LIMIT 5 MPH throughout the campground.

  • Vehicles

    You are limited to two vehicles per site, with the exception of sites 8 and 14, one car on site. Motorcycles are allowed in the park if driving to or from campsites, not as a means of transportation from site to site. Please respect quiet hours while entering or exiting campground. We do not allow golf carts in the campground without a certified Handicap placard, everything within the park is in walking distance.

  • Bicycles

    Bicycle riding is allowed only on established roads and trails, no riding through the woods or campsites. Parents are responsible for any destruction or disturbances by children in their care. An adult must supervise children at all times. Electric bikes and scooters are not permitted unless a medical necessity.

  • Fire and Firewood

    Fires are permitted in fireplaces only and shall be no higher than your knees. Fires are not to be left unattended. DO NOT MOVE FIRE RINGS. The moving of a fire ring makes you responsible for any accidents. Wood is for sale at the office during the hours of operation only. Out-of-state firewood is not permitted due to the spread of forest pests and disease.

    Alert Vermont Firewood Law! Vermont prohibits bringing untreated firewood into the state. Nearly all types of firewood are prohibited, including: hardwood, softwood, seasoned, and green.

  • Respect for Trees

    Our trees and plants are very precious, it takes many years to grow them and we appreciate them in their natural state. Peeling the bark from trees, driving nails into them, hanging lanterns on them, or bumping them with vehicles causes injury to them. Please refrain.

  • Firearms and Firecrackers

    Firearms and firecrackers are not permitted in the campground. The use of firecrackers in Vermont is against state law.

  • Wash Water

    Wash your dishes at your campsite. Washing dishes is not permitted at the bathrooms or water spigots. Discharging any water, including gray water, from camping vehicle is only permitted at the dumping station. Dish tubs are available at the Camp Store.

  • Safety & Disclaimer

    Please secure your own valuables. Camping on the Battenkill cannot be held responsible for loss or theft, or any accidents or injuries resulting in or around the property.